About Us

Authentic Medical


Authentic Medical was founded from a passion to serve our medical partners and provide high quality products that positively impact patients lives.


We not only provide quality, well-made, and affordable products to our customers, we also have the technical expertise and support to back them up. As important as having great products and service is, the customer-centric approach in the relationships with our medical partners is what sets us apart. We are here to serve our customers with integrity in everything we do.


With the increasing pressures hospitals face in protecting patients and staff from the risks associated with hospital acquired infections, developing and implementing responsible green solutions for sustainable growth has never been more important. It’s no wonder more hospital systems are turning to Authentic Medical as their source for monitoring products and accessories.


We take this Authentic commitment to the partnerships we build with our customers very seriously. We listen to our customers’ needs and have the ability to respond quickly. Our passion to help improve outcomes for your patients, while also improving hospital operations is what drives us. Contact us today and experience the Authentic difference for yourself!

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